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From a nationwide rental companies to local delivery services,


On-Site Automotive Services has a budget option to help make your life easier.

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Multiple Payment Options

From a nationwide rental vehicle company to a local delivery service, On-Site Automotive Services has a payment option to help make your life easier.

Regional Billed Fleet

This is the best choice for large fleets with over 50 vehicles . This option offers the convenience of consolidated billing and the ability to control maintenance expenses through customized service rules and restrictions.

Los Angeles Billed Fleet

This is the ideal alternative for smaller local or regional fleets that are limited to a specific geographical area and want the convenience of consolidated billing.

Cash Fleet

The suitable option for fleets that do not require consolidated billing and want to pay at the time of service.


On-Site Automotive Services helps take a little of the worry out of managing your fleet with a customizable program, including options for control over services, billing, payments and scheduling, so you can get a fleet solution built for your company’s needs. The convenience service of Onsite is that they will come to you and provide preventive maintenance for larger vehicles, such as medium duty trucks, diesels and limousines. On-Site Automotive Services Fleet Program can customize a program for you and help keep your company’s business running smoothly.


If you drive a vehicle that’s part of your company’s fleet, good news. On-Site Automotive Services accepts most fleet credit cards.


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Purchase Controls

Easily control your fleet maintenance and expenses by specifying service restrictions and purchase limits.

Consolidated Billing

Simply elect from several invoice and statement delivery options, fitting your schedule and needs.

Secure Transactions

Verification of vehicle and driver data prior to service helps guard secure transactions and reduce fraudulent expenditures.

Dedicated Account Fleet Manager

A Regional Account Fleet Manager is assigned to your account to provide familiarity and ongoing business support.

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